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Engineering Goods

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Engineering Goods

Whatever the weight or size of engineering goods, Wahether small or large, light or heavy – Everprime Shipping will customise the right transport solution for each component. Right from transport, freight forwarding and customs clearance, we can handle it all.
The engineering sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth, powered by significant investments in power projects and infrastructure development.
The US and Europe together account for about 60 per cent of India’s total engineering exports.
Indian engineering exports to Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Bangladesh and Egypt have also seen significant rise during the period 2011-12 to 2013-14.
A key driver for increased engineering exports has been the shifting of global manufacturing bases to countries such as India that offer lower costs and good engineering aptitude.
The nature of Indian engineering exports is changing with time—India is fast moving from exporting low-value goods to developing countries to exporting high-value goods to developed countries.

  • Major export market – Europe (22% share in textiles & 43% share in apparel).

  • Single largest buyer – US ( 10% share in textiles and 32.65 share in apparel).

  • Other major export markets include - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Japan.

  • Largest export segment – Readymade Garments (45% share in textile exports and 8.25 share in India's total exports).

In the near future, India's apparel exports to developed markets are expected to increase considerably. India has the potential to increase its textile and apparel share in the world trade from 4.5 per cent to eight per cent and reach US$ 80 million by 2020.